Kinds of Therapeutic Work

Welcome, individuals, couples, or families.  Please join me!

·        Discover the roots of depression and anxiety and learn to regulate them.
·        Learn how to work and play again, and cut through family conflicts without getting trapped.
·        Find the comfort in parenting from the inside out.
·        Allow yourself to grieve and to let go of grief when the time comes.
·        Overcome or integrate reversals in your work and health.
·        Heal the wounds of domestic or combat trauma with mindfulness, self-direction, forgiveness and special treatment, such as EMDR*.
·        Find alternatives to "addiction" and other self-destructive compulsions.
·        Convert stress into stimulation.
·        Learn the secrets of being present, being real, loving, and being loved.
·        Discover the power of stillness and radical acceptance.
·        Break free of the trance of unworthiness.

All these are ongoing processes.  We will work on them together, for a life-full of sensations, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, learning to achieve internal and interpersonal harmony.  In a comfortable, supportive atmosphere, you will find safe, respectful, and highly personalized therapies tailored to your individual needs and desires. We will continuously create and recreate an atmosphere wherein problems can emerge, be recognized, and find resolution.

Again, welcome!  I look forward to getting to know you.  On the following pages you will find how to connect.

*Eye movement desensitization and reintegration.

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